this summer in nanjing – 今夏天在南京

今年的夏天我要去南京! Today I was assigned to Nanjing, Jiangsu, for my NSLI-Y Summer 2017 Program (with ma girls Hayley & Jessica). I'm PUMPED because Nanjing is a city with an extremely deep history, great food, and more great food! Lots of food! FOOD! (Don't be surprised if food is the most extensively discussed topic in this post.) … Continue reading this summer in nanjing – 今夏天在南京


join the nsli-y family!

今年夏天我在做什么? What am I doing this summer? On the 25th of March, 2017, at exactly 5:10 pm,  I received an obscure email with a PDF attachment of my acceptance letter for a Department of State scholarship. What proceeded was a strange mix of intense screaming, half-crying, and lots of jumping around--a spectacle, really. WHAT? The … Continue reading join the nsli-y family!