nightfall café talks // 晚上聊天儿

I am and always have been a night owl. I’m not quite sure if it’s the calm of the dark, or the clarity of the sky, but I think and feel more “in it” after dinner, and I think that’s why I enjoy late night café talks so much.

After our mini Independence Day celebration at a hamburger restaurant in Gulou, Hannah, Alex, Jess, and I hung out for a while and eventually the latter three of us headed to chill at Skyway, a small café near the University.

These discussions are like the acoustic version of an upbeat pop song. Typically, you experience the souped-up version, but the acoustic version is stripped down to the core. It’s raw, and you can better understand the meaning if you listen. 

This philosophy seems to apply to people too. When everyone lets go and perks their ears up, the real music starts to play.



Don’t be ignorant!

Oh, also, we climbed a mountain the other day.

*This blog was randomly inspired when I was on one hand checking my AP test scores and on the other hand trying to unclog a toilet (long story).*


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