chandelier by sia

I’m currently listening to the soft, rhythmic pitter-patter of rain outside the window and reminiscing  over the beautiful sunset and the music that I made today with my friends here in Nanjing. We went over to Naomi’s host family’s house, and after indulging in a wide array of snacks and chicken wings, piano-ed, sang, and saxophone-d our hearts away. 

This reminds me, looking back, of my time in choir this past year, specifically singing an a capella arrangement of Chandelier by Sia. Choir has always been an integral part of my being, and that song arrangement is so important to me because I connected to it at a time when needed. The music that I made in that choir has impacted me far beyond that yellow, apple-scented classroom and is something I will never forget; I have carried the memories with me here in Nanjing, and will continue to carry them far beyond this place and time. Perhaps that’s why I look back so fondly at those times in choir, and look to the future with such uncertainty. 

Such precious things are temporary. 

Savor the taste, savor the sound, savor the feeling.

It all goes by too quickly.


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